Kyle's Icelandic Vinarterta

'Viking Fuel'

Kyle's Icelandic Vinarterta only participates in licensed sales or events

Please note that Kyle will be cutting back on events again in 2020, please visit this site frequently to know where the next Vinarterta sales is!  

Icelandic Festival and Morden Corn & Apple Festival are already cancelled.  I will try to be at St. Norbert Farmers Market every Saturday until October.

My next event is:
Saturday, August 15, 2020
St. Norbert Farmers Market
8am - 2 pm  (new time during COVID-19)
Price Freeze since 2014!!!

The Market , its vendors, and customers are required to social distance and adhere to any public health orders that are in place the day of the markets.  Customers cannot handle the boxes or product, e-payments preferred but cash is still accepted.  I will have cash/coin for change from 2019 events to hand out and isolate and income cash and coin to be sanitized away from the market (so it is not recycled at the market).

I will have the following flavours ready for August 15, 2020:

*** Raspberry ***  NEW
Classic Prune

Classic Prune with Dark Rum
Classic Prune with French Brandy

   Also spelled vinartarta, vinatarta, vinaterta, vineterta and vine torte; and there are literally hundreds of recipes available to make this Icelandic cake

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