Kyle's Icelandic Vinarterta
About Kyle

Kyle's ancestors came from Iceland in 1882 and settled north of Gimli, Manitoba.  When Kyle was a young boy, he would watch his mom make vinarterta with his Icelandic aunts and family. 

In March 2011, one of Kyle's vinartertas sold for $4,000.00 at a charity auction.

Kyle's Icelandic Vinarterta has been served all over Canada and the United States and has been enjoyed at many functions and events such as Folklorama.

Kyle's signature vinarterta is the Classic Prune, seasoned with Cinnamon and Cardamon.  A couple of very popular variations are the Classic Prune with Dark Rum and Classic Prune with French Brandy.  Kyle also makes vinarterta's with Saskatoons, Raspberries, Strawberry Rhubarb.  Everything, including the fillings are made from scratch, rolled out by hand, and served to the customer with the utmost attention to detail for the cake.  Kyle only sells whole vinartertas.

Kyle offers a variety of flavors including:

Classic Prune
Classic Prune with Rum
Classic Prune with French Brandy
(The Classic Prune series is spiced with Cinnamon and Cardamon)
Black Currant

Please visit the purchase page to see what vinarterta flavors are currently available.

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